The Girl On Fire & The Boy With The Bread
Revolutionaries in the Time of Bread & Circuses

May The Odds Be EVER In Your Favor

For those of you who, like me wear proudly the golden Mockingjay pin, and are therefore a passionate Hunger Games Fan, you know that this craze is taking aim and captivating our nation. The story of The Girl On Fire and The Boy With The Bread is so incredibly written, and once you turn that first page, you shall never stop. Susanne Collins is a master in her craft, a specialist in suspense. Every chapter leaves you hungry for more 😉 I think that, like the story of our dear Harry Potter, this series (3 books in all) will be an instant classic and a story that is told for hundreds of years to come. a legacy of literature, a crossover of artistic integrity and popular culture is coming, and I could not be more thrilled. These are the kind of books that truly leave an impression.

So I present the first, in I’m sure, many poems about the phenomenon to come. Inspired by The Hunger Games, a short piece, “May The Mockingjay Fly Forever, ”

With the shine of golden mockingjay pins, the fight for our freedom, and lives begins.

A Girl On Fire will take aim against a colorful enemy’s cruel ire. With quick precision, we’ll make the decision to fly against our foes, strike hard against our hunger and woes, and we will not surrender to those who wear the rainbow wigs.

The Capitol can fall, but only if we don the emblem and hear the call…. The song of shattered candy hues of glass, echo in our midst, our freedom to live is nigh, sweet taste for which, we could have only wished!

Alongside our Leaders, Spirited Katniss, and Sweet Peeta, we will let our hearts and hungers lead us, and through our passions, they shall free us.

Down with the Capitol, we raise three fingers, to the girl that taught us all,

To fight for our rights, to fight for life, love, and other such worthy endeavors.

We sing a song of battle tonight.

May the Mockingjay Fly Forever.

*Written in Honor of The Hunger Games Movie Opening At Midnight Tonight*