Dabbler in the Darkest Art of All

I was a fierce wind, left to destruction by him, now barely a whisper within….
CURSE the sunshine of your hair! Your lying blue eyes and the trickery that lingered there. You caught me with your fire, long reaching flames of desire, blinding my eyes, not letting me see, what you always were to me, a careless Playboy and a liar.
Oh Cavalier Musketeer! For whom I’ve shed many a tear. More fiend… than friend, your guised game has reached its end, for your wretched villainy has NO power here! No power over me, no broken love to fear.
You led my follied heart to fall, you collector of affections, dabbler in the darkest art of all. Breaking hearts and taking names, laughing at my love, yet using it, abusing it, to pump your perfect pride up.
Aye a poisoned love to aid in your oh so dangerous game. Steal the light of a star, you did, yet somehow she lived to shine again.
Now, your charms have ceased to charm even me, oh such languishing anguish the day, but now I see how to blow through the smoke of you, and finally see me. As I was meant to be.
Not the shade, not the shell, not the way you made me feel, what your smooth lips so cleverly concealed. But the girl I really was, the girl strong enough to set the sails of a thousand ships, the girl who chased the very wind and ran with it.
The girl you looked at so condescendingly, Thinking you were too good to ever belong to me….. the girl you never really got to see.
 A rare kind of inside beauty…….

Through The Looking Glass I See, A Rare Kind of Inside Beauty…..