Every Sky Is Our Own Kind Of Blue

I am a pirate, and I’m a princess. A daughter of another time. Back when ladies loved gentlemen, adventure was real again, and poems were made to rhyme.

I am Ally.

I am interesting.

No, I’m not bragging in the least, but I feel like the world would be astounded if they could play my thoughts aloud. The musings of a most imaginative miss. The ponders of a true pirate lass.

I am quite simply, an eighteenth century girl trapped in a modern world. My imagination is so incredibly vivid, I can summon images before me, as real and wonderful, as tangible as anything I see. I have a knack for blurring so beautifully, the fine lines of fiction and reality and escape into them as if they were moving paintings, portals from another world I could walk through. I see the magic and beauty in ordinary things. Characters cross my path and take me away with them. I find myself both writer and character, both creator and learner, in my life. In the story that’s happening all around me.

Enter in my world, wander the waves with me, take the helm, take the hand of the grinning pirate girl, her eyes the color of emeralds, and an adventure will await thee. Take my hand, turn the page, let your writer be your guide, no matter your age. Let me weave you tales of wonder, of adventure, betrayal, love cut asunder. Let us wander the waves, that take us places that amaze.

“Let us paint the pages of our fancy
Write the words that give us wings
Love the heroes from our fantasies
Let us live the way we dream.”
♥ ♥ ♥

I am Ally, pirate lass and painter of the page. I am your writer. Let me sail you away, from all the gloomy, all the grey, into a world of vibrant colors, let me lead the way………